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Tips and Benefits of Online Practice.

Sometimes its tricky to stay focussed on a routine for yoga when you are doing online classes. It's sometimes too easy to see the pile of ironing or the over flowing inbox that you know needs attention as a deflection from doing your practice. All too often we find other jobs to do rather than settling down and giving ourselves the all essential 'me' time on the mat. I get it - I've been there. As a busy mum, there are always other things to get done. I know it feels like it's easier to get away from the home environment with its chores and family demands by going out for class at the gym but the time you save and get back in your life by doing online classes rather than than trip to the gym can be a real plus point.

And I can promise you that once you commit to yoga practice, your health and well-being will improve so dramatically and you will feel so much better once you have done your practice for a multitude of reasons. You'll feel better physically for sure but you will feel happier knowing that you gave your wonderful self the attention and loving care it absolutely deserves.

Make a day and time for your practice and you will likely stick to it. If your in-person class was always on a Monday evening at 7.30pm then stick to that and practice from the comfort of your own home. So many of my yogis have said to me that they have gained so much more time back in their day with online classes because they can switch a class on at a time that suits them and they don't have to be dressed for outdoors or with their make-up on like they would if they were out and about or going to the gym. They can get up and get a practice in the bag before the kids get up and they can then get ready for their day. They have found more time to do the chores, work and catch up with friends over coffee knowing they can fit in a yoga session whenever it suits them - no rushing back from work for class. It's been a game changer for them.

I love doing yoga in the morning and then getting ready for my day. I feel I've done my exercise and my body feels great and my mind is clear and I'm ready for my day and whatever it will bring. It really sets me up and irons out all the stiffness in my body. But sometimes I do yoga just before bed to wind down after a busy day. I always sleep well after too. Mixing it up can always be beneficial as you are really suiting yourself and your busy lifestyle. One thing for sure is don't give yourself a hard time if you missed practice, just roll out the mat another day. Sometimes just sitting on your mat for a few minutes and doing some pranayama or meditation can be some deeply needed 'me' time that resets your routine.

It is said that it takes 3 weeks to establish a habit so why not do the same with your practice? Commit to sticking to your class time for 3 weeks and it will most likely stretch out to 4 weeks or more. I know that sometimes when its cold outside it's easier to curl up in front of the telly instead of getting on your mat but you know you will feel a million times better once you've treated yourself to a bit of yoga, so try and remember the feeling and you'll be back on that mat in no time.

If you are able to go into another room from the family or pets, it'll be easier to dedicate the time and give yourself peace to enjoy immersing yourself in your practice. Light a candle, set an intention and creating the perfect environment can help too. Putting on some music may be all you need to get you in the mood. The calmer you at the end of your practice will be all the more beneficial to your family too and perhaps they won't mind you sneaking off for a bit.

Sometimes having the yoga gear and mat ready at the side of your bed for when you rise can just be the ticket to get you started.

You may find that once you start a routine, you will add another day of practice to your week and so forth. Brilliant! Mix up the classes throughout the week so you always have variety and listen to your body and what it needs. If you do what suits you just watch the benefits roll in- a graceful fit body, clear mind, systems in the body balanced, toxins cleared and improved posture as well and an inward serenity that keeps you focussed and calm. What's not to love?

If you have any tips that help you stick to an online routine or benefits you have discovered along the way, please do post them here.

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