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Spiritual Serenity

Finding serenity in your daily life is so much simpler to achieve than you think.  It doesn't require learning lots of different meditation techniques or sitting for long periods of time in the lotus position (although I'm all for that!).  It can be as simple as taking a few minutes out of your busy day to take a seat and take a few deep breaths to bring instant calm to your being.  

In turn this brings instant relief to your body and mind that may be wound up like a spring with stress and tension which brings the aches and pains all too familiar to many of us.  

Taking a few deep breaths allowing the belly to expand with the inhale instantly sends a signal to the mind and body that you are safe and the flight and fight mode can be switched off for a while.   This calms the nervous system and puts the body into healing mode.   This instant calm can allow the monkey mind to relax.   Allow the myriad of thoughts float across your mind but try not to get caught up in the story that they tell.  If you can focus on the breath and not the thoughts, you will find peace of mind will come and give way to clarity of being you might never have felt before.   

If you have more time, tune in to one of the guided meditation videos on this site.  Yoga Nidra or Ancient Sleep is a form of meditation that will bring deep relaxation and allows the body to recharge and rejuvenate at a deep cellular level.   Or why not revitalise yourself with a guided meditation to a warm sunny beach or a snowy cabin in the woods.   Once you get the hang of meditation, you will absolutely love the many benefits it brings to your body, mind and soul - it's the ultimate 'me' time!

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