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How is Yoga Helping Me

My own personal practice of yoga brings with it a new optimism to my life.  I have so much more energy and focus and together with my love of wild swimming (and my family and friends, of course!), I find my joy every single day.  My body and mind are in sync and I can cope with all the ups and downs life brings with a more joyful and accepting attitude.   I find myself being more grateful about what I have and because yoga relieves the tension of a busy mind, I find I am healing every aspect of myself on ever deeper levels. Yoga balances all the systems in the body as well so my health has improved immensely which gives me the extra get up and go to do all the things I want to do.  It doesn't matter how good you are at it as long as you keep practicing.    I really recommend a regular practice of yoga - you won't regret it and that's a promise!  

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Nature - the best studio

Many of the videos are recorded in the best studio in the world- nature! And not just 'any nature' but the magnificent Scottish one. 

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