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As we are part of the All that is, it stands to reason that we are all connected to one another and a loved member of humanity living together on this wonderful Mother Earth.   

To all the Warrior Women out there who have bravely forged ahead and created a wonderful business that embraces and embodies all that they are in service to others, let's shine our light ever brighter into the world.   Here are just a few (many more to add) of the amazing Warrior Women I have come across in my journey who stand in their power and I think you will love.    

Alexandra Fraser Duran
Holistic-Intuitive Practitioner


I have always been aware of the subtle energies and connection between our emotions and the responses in the physical body through working for many years as a body worker in both clinical and non-clinical settings using Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy.  More recently, my psychic and intuitive abilities have heightened and I qualified as a Theta Healer and Medical Intuitive. 


A medical Intuitive 'sees' inside the body and 'reads' energy patterns of the physical, emotional and spiritual energies.  I love helping people return back to wholeness in body, mind and soul and trusting their inner wisdom through meditations and practices.

I provide sessions online and I also facilitate Women's Circles on different topics in my local area of Dundee using rituals, cacao and conversation.  

Dr Mairi MacLeod
Behavioural Scientist and Dating Consultant


Hi, I'm Dr Mairi Macleod and I'm a Behavioural Scientist and Dating Consultant for women in midlife.  After many years as a single mum, going for the wrong kind of men, I realised I could use my scientific knowledge to work out a better strategy around dating.  The science worked and I am now happily married to the love of my life.  I now help other midlife women find a happy relationship through my online program and small group sessions.  I'd love to help you, too.  

Larisa Ilin
Web Designer and Social Media Consultant


At age 21 I left my home country and started all over again.  This is why, today, I am proud of being the owner of Edinburgh-based company Media Bloom helping businesses boost their social media presence and increase their client database through social media training and web design.  I was a finalist for the Young Inspiring Business Woman of the Year 2015 Award and this is my proudest moment of my career so far.  I love working with my clients so if you would like to learn how my services can help you, please do reach out. 

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