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September Song

The end of summer can sometimes be tinged with sadness as the long warm, sunny days begin to turn and we find that all too familiar nip in the air. I love the seasons and, for me, the ending of one and the beginning of another is quite exciting. There is always so much to look forward to in each one.

Autumn is a time for reaping the harvest of bounty with fresh vegetables from the veggie patches or farmers' markets, orchard fruits and the last of the wild berries that grow in the hedgerows all around. I love foraging and collecting nature's gifts and making soups, pies and fruit jams - bringing warmth in other ways to our lives as the days grow colder.

Watching the wildlife in my garden prepare for the winter is a delight. I have a family of grey squirrels gathering conkers from a tree and burying them in their little store behind a bush. The squirrels in my garden don't know I know where they keep their stash but I've enjoyed watching them over the last few days. It's a mindful meditation to observe wildlife getting on with life and embracing the seasons. It's a gentle reminder that we all have a role in this cosmic play and we are all part of the energetic soup that is the world around us. How magical it is to take just a few moments from our hectic lives and observe nature at its best and to know that although we may feel very small in the grand scheme of things, we are also essential in the Divine Design - how amazing is that?

So, no matter how you feel today, never forget how wonderful you truly are and how much you contribute to this world. From that smile you gave to the elderly lady in the street to the thank you given in return for good service in the coffee shop, every minute of every day you are contributing to the cosmic consciousness. You can bring your positive light to any situation you find yourself in by remembering just how fantastic you are! Unique in every way and special just as you are! Go with the flow of life and watch with anticipation, the burst of Autumn colour that will surprise and delight in the days to come.

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