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The Subtle Body, Chakras and More....

The Hatha Yoga System is not purely the practice of asanas to make the body strong and supple. It is so much more than this. It is a way of life and understanding to achieve true enlightenment and to be at one with our Divine Self. Asana practice and meditation are gateways to attain this. But in order to understand the process needed to achieve such a wonderful journey to 'bliss', we need to understand both the workings of our physical body but also how our Subtle Body operates.

The Subtle Body is not recognised without much scepticism by the medical world and is seen as the stuff of airy fairy hippy types or alternative medicine gurus. But its history is vast and is incorporated in many ancient cultures around the world. Its workings are the secrets of jewel teachings of the yogi masters who have experienced enlightenment and the answers to human existence and its place in the wider Cosmos. Fascinating stuff indeed.

In a nutshell, the Subtle Body or Energy Body includes seven main wheels of vibrating energy known as chakras associated with certain parts of the body and particular functions. By understanding and utilising the energies of the chakras we move towards an enlightened state of being, greater health and create harmony and healing in the body.

To find out more about our Subtle Body, the Chakras including 7 chakra balancing yoga classes to enjoy, why not subscribe to HillisticYoga's All In Package today. All In Subscription Plan.

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