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Navigating March Madness

Hello lovely yogis and yogis of the future

How are we all doing today as we move into March energies? So we’ve come through the wonderful 22/2/2022 portal which brought many changes and shifts and we are moving into crazy March energies with our collective consciousness clearing much of the conflict within often matching what we are seeing outside.

But with this comes uncertainty and anxiety. So how to stay centered and steer your ship through the middle passage so as not to get caught up in the storm? What can we do to feel the wind at our back rather than always feeling it blocking our way?

I always turn to yoga and swimming in the sea if I need to shake off unsettled emotions or feelings. It always brings me a sense of calm and a chance to look at things from a different perspective. Both these amazing activities bring me to the perfect condition for stillness. Bringing our bodies and minds to stillness is the key to truly navigate these times.

We are the captains of our ships and we are in full control of our destiny. Focus attention on the stillness within to maintain that centre ground. It might be just checking in with our inner selves for just 10 minutes a day to calm the nerves and reduce stress in the body. Doing this simple exercise can work wonders and helps prevent us getting caught up in the wake of all the narratives and murky waters. Sitting quietly and still for these few minutes can instantly reduce the stress hormones in our body and switches off the flight and fight mode. Doing this brings us to a state of calm and with practice, a connection to our higher selves.

When we can connect to our higher selves, we truly begin to get to know ourselves. Who we are. What we came here to do and how to jump off the hamster wheel and into joy.

Finding joy every day is my goal - not always easy I know. But in every adverse situation, there is always a lesson to grow ourselves. Seeing life through this different lens changes our lives In ways we might not expect. Magic does happen when we raise our vibration out of fear to one of positive thought and love.

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