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Hello and Welcome. Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

From my family to yours. I wish you a joyful and fun filled year in 2022!

Always Look For the Silver Lining.

We had a wonderful Festive with family this year. It was a quiet one in general as we usually host a New Year party but it was nice being able to kick back too and enjoy and reflect and feel gratitude for all that we have and the love that surrounds us.

We are looking forward to some snowfall coming soon. After a trip to Braemar today armed with sledges and ice skates in search of some snow, we could've been disappointed that we didn't find any. But we found a lovely walk in the woods near Braemar Castle instead and after a luxurious hot chocolate in a log cabin cafe nearby, we realised that a family day out was the real treat. It's the little things we fail to acknowledge that make all the difference and enrich our lives.

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