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To all the lovely ladies looking for love…..

Dr Mairi MacLeod

I thought I’d take a moment to tell you about this amazing opportunity for those wonderful ladies out there who might be interested in navigating the world of dating once more.

Behavioural Scientist & Dating Expert, Dr. Mairi Macleod is a powerhouse in this field and understands all the myriad of concerns, anxieties and self worth issues that surround this emotional roller coaster. She is offering a free masterclass.

Are you a single midlife woman who’d like to find a good man for a great relationship?

There’s a real treat for you coming up on the 4th of April - if you're ready to get proactive about finding your man!

Behavioural Scientist & Dating Expert, Dr Mairi Macleod will be running a


And it'll happen on Monday 4th April at 7pm BST

In this FREE MASTERCLASS, Mairi will introduce you to her scientific approach for finding the right man for you and she’ll tell the story of how she herself successfully changed her ways to find the love of her life at 50.

You’ll also learn:

· How to grow your self-esteem and get into a healthy mindset for dating

· How to identify and connect with the men who have the qualities needed for a great relationship

· How to write your online dating profile to be a magnet for the man you need and a filter for the duffers

· Where and how to meet good men in real life

Mairi will finish up with a quick overview of her upcoming group-study coaching program, and she’ll answer your burning dating questions!

For more details and to secure your place, see <<HERE>>

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