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Mystical Rosslyn Chapel - a sacred site to behold

I thought I would write a wee piece on an amazing day out I had courtesy of a few dear friends of mine who knew of my fascination with the Divine Feminine, the Knights Templar and lore, Mary Magdalene, Ley Lines and Rosslyn Chapel. They got in touch with Kris Kinosis from Eden Trails who is a powerhouse of knowledge on all of these things and arranged a tour of Roslin Glen and Rosslyn Chapel for us all as a birthday present for me. (Thank you Alexandra, Karen and Kate!)

As Mother Earth is moving up in dimensional frequency, we are beginning to witness some beautiful energies - as though we are transported to another time or suspended in time, if for brief moments. It may feel as though we are lost in our thoughts or may appear as having experienced a glitch in the matrix - a ‘beam me up Scottie’ moment. We certainly had a few of those moments in Roslin Glen and you can see the energies we felt in the picture.

There are many places in the world where the Sophia/Dragon Ley Lines cross which are considered the gateways in the Ley Lines pathways that carry the energy around the world and are said to add magical qualities to that area. Glastonbury, Avebury and Roslin are just a few in the UK of many that traverse the world. The Rose Line is said to run through Rosslyn Chapel. These vortices of wonder have many stories attached to them of mystery enshrouded in the midst of folklore and legend. Many places have conflicting stories - perhaps to add confusion so that only but the very earnest seeker may prevail to find the inner truths and teachings which lie therein these places of deep mystical importance. The Divine Feminine was embodied in Priestesses who carried out the Sacred Wisdom of Mother through rituals, offerings and prayer and were the custodians of these sites around the globe. Many temples were built on these vortices and imbued the Magdalene/Isis/Sophia energies.

Rosslyn Chapel and the surrounding area of Roslin Glen is most certainly a must on the bucket list if you are interested in all things mystical and if you are a lover of puzzles - there are many to be found in the Chapel.

Why not book a tour with Kris Kinosis from Eden Trails (Facebook Page) who also takes many tours of interest around Scotland also. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.

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