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To a haven of yoga and meditation classes online from the Celtic heart of Scotland. Find out how the power of yoga can transform your whole beautiful self - body, mind and soul.

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Why try Hillistic Yoga


Builds strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints which helps with balance and posture.  Yoga alleviates stiffness and tightness in the muscles. 

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Yoga brings stillness and serenity to your mind and body.  With regular practice you will find a sense of peace and calmness that brings about a wonderful feeling of wellbeing.

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Yoga balances all the internal systems of the body such as the endocrine, respiratory and digestive system.  Regular practice helps to keep these internal systems just as nature intended bringing health and wellbeing to body, mind and soul.   

Pranayama or breathwork is an integral part of yoga as it clears the congestion in the pranic channels (nadis) so the prana (Chi, life force energy) can flow through without blockages.  

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Welcome to Hillistic Yoga

Elaine's Yoga Story

I grew up in the coastal town of Broughty Ferry,  Scotland and sport was my thing. Although I sustained a serious back injury as a child it was not until my late teens and as a student at Glasgow University that I started experiencing 24 hour back pain every day.

I dipped into yoga on and off for years but most yoga classes I had been to at the gyms seemed generic and didn’t resonate with my need for a good workout. But as I got older with a stressful job as a busy television producer and journalist where I was lucky enough to travel the world but with little time to exercise, my back problems escalated especially after the birth of my three children. 

Back to the yoga and a small class in London, where I lived for 12 years, led by a wonderful Indian girl called Anil who showed me another side to the healing power of yoga. I began to feel a difference in my body - in the way it moved and felt. My muscles started to feel ironed out and yet strengthened in a way I hadn’t experienced before. But the benefits were so much more than physical. I became calmer in my daily outlook and more mindful about what it was I needed in my life and where I wanted to be. Oh and my back? It’s never been better! 

After moving back to Scotland a few years ago, my personal yoga practice in Ashtanga and Classical Hatha yoga took hold and it became clear to me that what I really wanted to do was to tell the world about the healing power of yoga to the mind, body and soul. I enrolled on a 200-hour yoga teaching course with International Yoga Alliance Accredited CYS Teacher Training in 2015 and an intensive 60-hour Atmavikasa Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion course with renowned Indian yoga gurus, Yogacharya Venkatesh and Acharye Hema when they came to Edinburgh on tour.  I now teach yoga in the heart of Scotland. 

I am also a qualified CMA Registered Reiki Master Teacher.

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Elaine's online yoga classes are geared towards any level.  She is clear with the instructions and will suggest alternatives based on competency.  If you would like to work on something specific, let her know and she will happily incorporate that into a class.  She is so enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable - can't recommend enough

- Kim Meek 

It's good to be able to access Elaine's classes at any time of the day.  She is a fantastic teacher who explains all moves thoroughly.  Elaine's passion and enthusiasm along with her wit make the classes all the more enjoyable.  I always feel brilliant after a yoga workout with Elaine.  Highly recommend. 

- Julie Anderson

Spiritual Serenity

Finding serenity in your daily life is so much simpler to achieve than you think.  It doesn't require learning lots of different meditation techniques or sitting for long periods of time in the lotus position (although I'm all for that!). It can be as simple as taking a few minutes out of your busy day to take a seat and take a few deep breaths to bring instant calm to your being.  

In turn, this brings instant relief to your body and mind that may be wound up like a spring with stress and tension which brings the aches and pains all too familiar to many of us.

For more on the spiritual side of life, subscribe to our site!

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The Essence of Yoga

Yoga is the realisation of the integration and unity of the self with the cosmic or higher self.  Through the practice of yoga, we can learn and truly innerstand this deep truth.  

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Complete Yoga Breath

When the flow of prana (energy) is harmonised in the body, the mind becomes calm and serenity is found.  

How Great Thou Art

We have been conditioned and programmed our whole lives to think, act and behave in certain ways. Find out how to look at life differently and free yourself from this chain of command and discover who you really are. 

Our Plans

Enjoy access to a full catalogue of videos recorded by Elaine for every step of your Yoga journey.  You can cancel at any time. 


Or if you have never tried yoga and meditation and would like to learn or you just need a refresher course, why not try our one off New to Yoga Basics 7 Day Programme.  You'll be amazed at how good yoga makes you feel.  


Our Chakras supercharge our energy flow and keeping them in balance is essential to our health and wellbeing.  Try this 7 day programme to rebalance your 7 main chakras and revitalise your wonderful self!  You are worth it! 

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Chakra Balance

Full Access to All Classes

Includes: Meditation,

7 Chakras.



Sweet Spot Yoga

Short 30 minutes yoga videos



New to Yoga?

7 Day Learn Yoga Basics Programme



Our Approach

Elevate your spirit and self-awareness to embody the wonderful being you were destined to be with our Guided Meditation Videos.

Free videos for you to get a feeling of what Hillistic Yoga is all about

Free Videos
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